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    Hello! My name is Hayoung (Heidi) Jo, an animator, 3D generalist, and artist! I am always excited to work on new projects and learn new skills as I collaborate with other creatives in the field!

    I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and after a three day road trip, I found my way into the Boston, Massachusetts area where I grew up watching dozens of animated VHS films and cartoon shows. From this, I became inspired to draw starting with simple animal cartoon comics on printer paper to more realism in sketchbooks to expressive paintings on canvas. These gradually shaped me into the artist and animator I am today.

    Working in the CGI industry has always been a significant dream of mine. From my first visit at Ringling College of Art and Design, I believed the animation education there would provide the resources necessary to nurture my artistic passions and reach my aspirations. Spanning from this I was able to 3D model my first characters even rigging and learning to animate them. These are skills I thought would take several years to achieve but have lead me to create my thesis short film Loves Me Not.

     My inspiration comes from a variety of interests spanning from fluffy adorable bunny rabbits to the deep dark dread of a horror story. I have also always tended to be a collector of an assortment of toys, books, merchandise, and art materials which leaves any room I use to become miniature warehouses of “organized messes”. Anything strange, surreal, ethereal brings out my creative spirit and captures my attention.

Programs: Maya, ZBrush, Nuke, Arnold, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Premiere Pro


Phone: 617-816-3194

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